Angry over Canadian trash shipped to the Philippines for dumping, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte claimed, “So what if we quarrel with Canada?  We’ll declare war against them, we can beat them.”

You want a piece of me hoser?
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Trash talking over trash.

Care of Quincy Quarry’s international military as well as other sorts of affairs and thus world class corespondent Citizen Journalist comes word from the Philippines that Philippines President Rodrigio Duterte went Trump on Canada in yet another one of Duterte’s freestyle speeches and so claiming that if the Philippines would “quarrel” against the Canada, the Philippines can beat them.

Matching Barong Tagalog grade BFF’s
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As reported previously by Quincy Quarry, Philippines President Rodrigio Duterte is a relatively new BFF of United States President Donald Trump, that and arguably a Trump wannabe as well as an also long misbehaving de facto brother from another mother.

Even so, José Custodio, a Filipino military historian and defense analyst, noted that President Duerte was (yet again, ed.) making “wild, baseless claims,” and “making noise for the benefit of his mindless followers.”

Custodio said that the North American country would very quickly dispose of Philippine forces should the two countries face each other in battle.

In short, macho bravado run amok yet again..

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