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What to make of the just released but also redacted Mueller report?


For starters, even the redacted version of the report suggests that President Donald Trump is his own worst enemy.


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While there are plenty of hot takes to be taken out of the Mueller report, at the end of the day the most common, consistent and cogent thread of the report is that both candidate and President Trump have headed a hot mess as regards how he tries to conduct business in the political world.


At least so opines The Economist and which even the President’s most fervent supporters probably should concede but most likely will not.


The last president run out of DC
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Then again, neither is it likely that his opponents will honestly ponder the possibility that Mueller’s findings, however damning, may not rise to the level of impeachment; unless, that is, Trump’s craven ineptitude which looks to have mostly ended up thwarted by his subordinates who refused to abide by his more outrageous dictates still justify his impeachment even if he was so blocked from imposing his will in ways more clearly illegal.


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Source: What to make of the Mueller report

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