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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fishwrap: redaction, black ink, embarrassing video at least temporarily enjoined – whatever…

It has been quite a week with Thursday in particular looking to perhaps feature the one of the biggest showdowns since High Noon.

A small problem, however, Gary Cooper is unavailable.

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A redacted copy of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released on Thursday of this week.

While at this point there is still much to review even if much of the released report has been extensively redacted.

So what, apparently, for word from unattributed sources that the report was written so as to mitigate such deletions other than those mandated per applicable law as regards sealed grand jury testimony and not naming the names of those who have not (yet, ed.) been indicted.

Needless to say, Quincy Quarry has had to lay in considerable stores of adult libations as well as placed orders with Grubhub© for food deliveries so that the sots on the Quincy Quarry political and other illicit affairs desk can work late into the night reviewing what has been released while other Quarry staff monitor the only to be expected shitzsturms on social media.

A massage parlor of ill repute
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And speaking of exposéd, Robert Kraft is looking to eventually be exposéd in flagrante delicto.

On one hand, his request for an injunction to permanently impound a said to be incriminating video of his enjoying some quick handwork was denied.

And on the other hand, the video has been ordered impounded until a hearing on April 29 pertaining to the indictment of the operator of a massage parlor of purported ill repute.

In other words, the video climax of this criminal case is likely yet to come.

Sign, what no parking sign?
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In turn, the preceding events almost provide cover for the ongoing failure of the City of Quincy’s awkwardly named Department of Traffic, Parking, Alarm and Lighting to address its clearly noted mandates in its very name.

Not only is traffic in Quincy regularly teetering on the verge of gridlock, Traffic, Parking, Alarm and Lighting is also not duly dealing with parking scofflaws who are parking illegally. 

In particular, illegal parking is rampant on the streets of North Quincy in the wake of the MBTA taking half of its commuter parking spaces out of service at its North Quinsy Red Line station so that a locally well-connected developer and his joint venture partner can build even more high rent for Quincy apartments on top of the T’s property. 

In short, business as usual in the Q …

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