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Did the latest George Bush Bet his ranch on Trump?

In a time of outsider politics, can the ultimate insider resurrect his family’s brand?

George Prescott Bush, the son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, is the odds on favorite to be the fourth generation star of easily the most successful political dynasty in the United States over the past century to rise to political prominence.  (Note: the Roosevelt were of different parties and so far the Kennedys have only one president in their family tree as well as far are looking a bit thin in their third generation with the ironically teetotaling as well as said to be sexually milquetoast Trey).

All hail Donald?
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Granted, George P – as he is known by those in the know, is faced with having to finesse what President Trump has done and is continuing to do to traditional Republican orthodoxy.

On one hand, George P has so far adroitly acquiesced to Trump’s de facto leadership of the Republican party.

At the same time, Bush has also so far successfully threaded a narrow needle so as to avoid obsequiousness.

Plus, at forty-six, George P is also plenty young enough to wait out Trump.

Bush is also in his second term in the unique as well as powerful position as Texas Land Commissioner and which many view as at least comparably powerful to the relatively weak office of the governor of Texas.

Moreover, George P has something else in his favor: he is Hispanic care of his mother who is a naturalized United States citizen who was born and raised in Mexico.  As such, George P speaks fluent Spanish.

George P leads the pledge of allegiance at the 1988 GOP convention
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Accordingly, among other things, George P speaks fluent Spanish.

He also possesses much better pronunciation than his Uncle Dubya.

Further, George P has solid support among many Americans with Latin American heritages as he long done what he can to reach out to these and other ethnic communities which are at least somewhat amenable to traditional and only slightly or so right of center Republican doctrines.

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