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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Hay fever also happen …

As the first month of spring is about to give rise to pollen and the Red Sox look to be headed back to their old ways, things in Quincy also look to be heading back to handing out of even more millions in the way of all sorts of goodies to Quincy Center developers who are tight with the Koch Maladministration.

See Spot see Spot run …
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For example, on Wednesday night the Team Koch presented its latest shell game of financial grifts to the Quincy City Council so as to seek to up the mayor’s credit limit by $61 million and then be able to take care of various of his supporters.

While Quincy Quarry’s always hard hitting as well as well-deserved hits below the belt coverage is still pending, the Quarry has some positive news to report.

For starters, the usually supine City Council is showing a semblance of a spine for a change.

Rough seas for Ariel?
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In fact, even Ariel chimed in with affect complaining about a lack of consideration of how one aspect of the developer’s plans will impact her constituents.

Then again, after somewhat recently buying a near million dollar residence near where major impacts appear likely, perhaps personal interests are fueling her finally offering up something other than her usual hagiograghc comment.

“Springtime for Hitler – and Germany …”
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Even so, it was still clearly obvious to the knowing eye why her acting career pretty much hit the wall in Orlando, Florida.

Whether or not the council will seek to either truly neuter a woefully bad deal for long suffering local taxpayers or flat out reject it remains to be seen, however.

Currently, the odds in Vegas are that they will instead be rolled.

In the meanwhile, one would at least hope that councillors’ requests for pothole repairs and tree trimmings for their constituents will be enjoying expedited responses requests for a change.

In the meanwhile, so darkly amusing was the Koch Maladministration’s joch of a proposal that council members were barely able to keep straight faces whenever Quincy Quarry’s City Hall beat reporter laughed at all manner of ill-advised statements made during Team Joch’s presentation.

Multimillion dollar burn rate
A image

Particularly amusing was how the Maladministration’s presentation team made all manner of inadvertent statements damning to Mayor Koch’s quixotic quest for “A New Quincy Center.” 

In particular, obvious indications that this latest ask will likely only heap many tens of millions onto even more tens of millions already burned so as to endeavor to see a pig of a pork barrel spending master plan fly.

Special interests
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The only good news is the impact of the profligate spending will not really start hitting the fan hard for another decade or thereabouts given Mayor Koch’s reliance on interest only and low ticker rate financing which has much in common with pre-2007 no money down and no income verification subprime mortgage lending.

After all, among other things, by the time things hit the fan, most of the perps will surely be retired and moved to Florida.

Better yet for them, somewhere where Massachusetts does not have an extradition treaty.

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