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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.


Driver busted for driving on Quincy Center sidewalk.


On a quiet Wednesday afternoon, a driver was already pulled over well past the curb when Quincy police stopped as well as probably cited the driver for driving on a sidewalk so as to purportedly bypass a double-parked truck that was making a delivery.


A Blue lights special
A file photo

The driver apparently did not think that driving on a sidewalk was a big deal, reportedly telling police “you’re making a bigger deal out of this than necessary.”


For comprehensive video coverage of this sidewalk skofflaw, including security camera video of the sidewalk driver driving on the sidewalk, see extended coverage by one of Quincy Quarry’s broadcast news media brethren.


Someone with a driving stress Rx ?
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At this point, there has been no (official, ed.) word if the driver might have been as laid back as was reported care of a leafy recreational product or if the driver was perhaps directed to detour onto the sidewalk care of Waze© or some other navigational app.


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Source: Driver caught driving on Quincy Center sidewalk

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