Speaker Nancy Pelosi
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “Not worth it” to impeach President Donald Trump.


In an announcement that über left wing Democratic progressives will likely not view favorably, House Speaker Pelosi (D, CA) says that barring “overwhelming” new evidence she would not pursue impeachment against President Trump because it would be too divisive.


Do we now know why he is smiling?
A Jonathan Ernst/Reuters file photo

If Speaker Pelosi is known anything, it is for counting votes before a vote is actually undertaken.


As such, it would appear that Pelosi agrees with at least some other senior Democratic officials: there is not yet enough to justify the rancorous divisiveness that would surely arise if impeachment were pursued.


Special Council Robert Mueller
An NBC image

That and how perhaps House Speaker Pelosi and others may have a sense – or maybe even more – as to what is eventually coming in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report on his investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign and its possible ties to the Kremlin.


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Source: Pelosi: ‘Not worth it’ to impeach Trump

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