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North Korea’s foreign minister says North Korea seeks only partial sanctions relief and so contradicting United States President Trump.


Let the spin and walking back begin!


This week’s summit in Hanoi, Vietnam between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un ended early given disagreements over economic sanctions.


Besties no more?
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The pre-summit consensus was that Kim Jong Un was seeking to intersect a Hail Mary pass thrown by President Trump who was widely viewed as seeking to score a foreign policy win so as to offset bad press given Michael Cohen’s contemporaneous testimony before a House of Representatives committee on Capital Hill. 


Trump, however, apparently hung tough and walked away from the conference table and so leaving Kim Jong Un with bukpis to take home with him on his armored train.


Look but no launch
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The one good outcome for the United States, if not also much of the Far East: the North Koreans agreed to continue their moratorium on missile and nuclear bomb testing.


Say what one may, Trump hunkered down and come away with something whereas Kim Jung Un not so much.


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Source: North Korea’s foreign minister says country seeks only partial sanctions relief, contradicting Trump

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