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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Things are about to hit the fan for the Q.  Yet again …
As bad as things have long been in Quincy, they look to very soon be becoming even worse.
On the bright side of things, the New England Patriots won another Super Bowl even if it was a super bore of a game as well as suffered low viewer ratings nationally.

Addressing the audience
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And on another less than well-received note, President Donald Trump finally delivered his previously delayed annual State of the Union address earlier this week.
Even more problematic, he appears to have used the delay to pen one of the long State of the Union addresses ever presented verbally from the floor of the House of Representatives.

Only then President Bill Clinton’s 2000 State of the Union ran longer, albeit it only by a few minutes.

Working it
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Also running late is an arrest of the alleged sucker puncher who killed someone on Squantum a couple of weekends again.
Then, again, rumor has it that the Quincy Police Department was not exactly all that motivated to see a rumored to be local who is connected to the police department quickly arrested even if the alleged sucker puncher’s name was heard on the street within no more than thirty-six hours of the fatal blows.
The arguably the biggest splat on the fan, however, was late breaking badly word from the MBTA.


The one fingered salute
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The word: roughly half of the commuter parking at its North Quincy Red Line station will going out of service while the T’s property at the station is subjected to air rights redevelopment by a variously well-connected and generous private developer.

So what, apparently for the fact that previously the MBTA said it would stagger work on the North Quincy, Quincy Center and Wollaston stations so as to mitigate detrimental impacts upon local strap hangers.
Then again, given the MBTA’s long history of not abiding by its own schedules, this latest MBTA fiasco could have thus only reasonably been expected to hit the fan.

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