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Madden XIX predicts Super Bowl LIII thriller.


The video game that has picked 10 of the last 15 Super Bowl winners has predicted a perfectly reasonable game simulation script for Super Bowl LIII.


Locals will not be pleased over Madden XIX calling the Rams by 3.


One longtime football fan, however, maybe not so much.



So too perhaps also another.



Deaf, dumb and blind
Not an official NFL image

There is, however, a bright note for local fans: Madden XIX is logically programmed.


As such, this video game simulation is probably not programmed to consider the egregious level of late in the game bad calls and miscalled calls by referees that all true football fans can only properly agree played crucial roles in seeing both the Patriots and the Rams make it to this year’s inaugural Zebras Bowl.



On the other hand, who knows which team who both enjoyed pivotal breaks from the refs nine days ago might again enjoy more of the same this weekend.

Source: Surprisingly successful ‘Madden’ simulation predicts Super Bowl thriller

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