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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Quincy City Hall exposéd yet again … 

Things in Washington DC continue to be mired in an ongoing urinating contest which has somewhat recently resulted escalated into subjecting roughly eight hundred thousand federal employee and contractors to go without a paycheck this month even if some are still required to show up for work.

Leading with her chin …
A Saul Loeb/AFP-/Getty Images image

Those so struggling notwithstanding, the reality of things is that things haven’t changed all that much as regards the combatants even  if there are some new fresh faces among those battling on away on social media.

That and so what if at least one new one tweeter looks to be mirroring the other side of this ongoing tweet fight.

Needless to say, Quincy locals are confused as they are far more used to experiencing city employees being paid but not working all that hard.

Working it, not working – whatever
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

Or at all …

In any event, as well as can only expected by Quincy Quarry’s ever growing legions of loyal readers, the Quarry rolled out yet another of its hard-hitting exposés of dubious doings by the Koch Maladministration. 

In this instance, Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch was dimed out for apparently double trucking.  

Who knew that Mayor Koch is a fan of the Grateful Dead?



Former QPD officer and now convicted double and sometime even triple dipping felon
A Greg Derr/Patriot Ledger file photo

Looking the other way as regards double dipping, however, not so much of a surprise.

And speaking of dips, City of Quincy snow and ice removal personnel and plow contractors yet again dropped the plow.

Many local streets were left to freeze into snow-covered concrete following the but several inch snowfall on Saturday night and which was then followed by a widely forecast sleet, rain and an arctic hard freeze over the course of Sunday.

Stopping in for a cold one on a cold day?
A Quiny Quarry News file photo

Then again, who can honestly expect that snow and ice removal workers would tasked with a proper clearing of the slush from local streets.

After all, the Patriots were playing in American Football Conference title game as well as that the forecast hard freeze was projected to hit over the course of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. three day holiday weekend.

Things are as slippery as usual at City Hall
A Quincy Quarry New exclusive photo

How bad was the lack of effective snow and ice clearing? 

Even the all but invariably snow-jobbed down to the pavement Quincy City Hall was for a change still an icy mess at the close of business on Tuesday.

In short, the more it snows, the more things stay the same.

That and slippery.

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