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Talking heads talk about long-expected Senator Warren’s presidential bid announcement.

From Quincy Quarry’s media brethren at MASSterList comes about as comprehensive a gathering of media commentary about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s chances follow:

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You’ve undoubtedly already heard: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has established a presidential exploratory committee, meaning she’s all but certain to officially be running for president.  Here’s the exploratory announcement stories from the Globe’s Jess Bidgood and Liz Goodwin and WGBH’s Phillip Martin.

But let’s get into the fun stuff:  Can Warren actually A) Win the Democratic nomination and B) win the big one if she nabs the nomination?

The Globe’s Michael Levenson reports, among other things, that Monday’s move seems to have been an attempt to preempt any move by fellow progressive Bernie Sanders.  

So far mum’s the word
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Whether it makes Bernie thinks twice before announcing his own candidacy is the big question.  

The Herald’s Hillary Chabot reports that Bernie remains Warren’s main progressive obstacle to the Democratic nomination.  

On the other hand, the Herald’s Kimberly Atkins thinks Warren may be the next Jeb Bush, i.e. a much-touted, well-funded flop.  

Then there’s all the other Democratic presidential wannabe candidates she has to defeat, as the New York Times reports.

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The Times also reports on Joe Biden’s national “campaign-in-waiting “apparatus.

What about a general election?  The Herald’s Howie Carr thinks Warren, as the Dem nominee, would merely make Trump’s day (and year).  The Springfield Republican, in an editorial, believes Warren, if she wins the nomination, may confirm that Democrats are truly out of touch with the rest of America.  

But here’s a surprise coming from the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board: “Warren’s name ID and reputation make her potentially formidable.” 

“What do you mean you don’t like me?”
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We (MASSterList, ed.) think the Journal has it about right: Underestimate Warren at your political peril.

In any event, both the Globe’s Joan Vennochi and the Herald’s Joe Battenfeld have more on Warren’s non-surprise move.  

And from the Berkshire Eagle: “Berkshire politicos weigh in on Warren announcement.”

Next up warns the Sun Chronicle: “Democrats warn Warren will come under attack” and from the Telegram: “Region’s lunch-car vote may prove challenging to Warren.”

Only two things were not noted by MASSterList as far as the Quarry could see.

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One is how Senator Warren’s looking to be quixotic quest is sure to provide Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr with the best job insurance among those still working at what’s left of the Herald.

Also MIA is any obvious noting of the Boston Broadsheet’s recent calling for her to put aside her presidential ambitions and instead focus on being the best Senator she can be on behalf of residents of the Commonwealth as well as others nationally.

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