Happy New Year!
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– New Year’s news covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

恭贺新禧 !!!

The annual over month-long multicultural wintertime New Year’s celebration in Quincy has began as today is the Occidental New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year falls on February 5 this year – or at least so has began a month-long celebration among the always up for celebrating Quincy Quarry news crew.

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Happy New Years Cheer!
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Per the Chinese zodiac cycle, 2019 will be the Year of the Pig and which is the last of the twelve animals used within the cycle.

According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order of zoiac would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party.  The pig was late because he overslept.  Another story says that a wolf destroyed the pig’s house and the pig arrived last as he had to rebuild his home.

In any event, per the Chinese Zodiac calendar, those born during a Year of the Pig are both favored as well as diligent doers, among other things.

And as for what the Year of the Pig means for Quincy, count on Quincy Quarry provide the coverage only it has the stones to exposé.

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