It’s been a rough year for Santa …
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– News and commentary about Quincy from Quincy Quarry News. 

Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Santa is delivering gifts and coal early this year! 

In the wake of a report by the Quarry’s military and other affairs brethren at that Santa has been losing reindeer by the herd to commercial sleigh operators, it would appear that Santa has opted to get a jump on things by starting early on his annual deliveries of gifts and coal to good and bad girls and boys around the world.


Dope-slapped dope
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For the first example of the old man’s early bird specials, Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia has been dope slapped with a five day resignation or face a recall election notice earlier this week as a result of his indictment in federal district court on various fraud-related charges. 

And more locally, Quincy’s City Hall took delivery of a coal black VIP City Ride and which has roughly fifty percent higher manufacturer’s suggested retail price than the former leather interior featuring VIP ride.

An early Christmas present for a City Hall VIP
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Apparently, City Hall feels that it deserved a further upgrade on its already self-ascribed VIP status. 

And as for other self-important politicians, United States Senator Elizabeth Warren continues to be hit with weak preference polling numbers on her widely assumed plans to make a bid for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination. 

But the biggest news of the week is that the City of Quincy has been hit with an eviction notice

Disorder in the court?
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The Koch Maladministration’s free spending and all too often ill-planned ways appear to finally be coming home to roost as a local landlord is seeking a court order to evict the City of Quincy from continuing to use a parking lot in Quincy Center that it has been renting from Messina since June of 2016. 

The lease ran out in June of this year, however, and the landlord opted to not extend the lease. 

As Mayor Koch must honor long ongoing municipal parking obligations, he has offered to pay $6.8 million for the parking lot.

Out of control cash burn rate?
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This price works out to around three and a half times more on a square foot basis than what he sold part of a nearby city-owned parking lot earlier this year to a favored developer and who also was given arguably tens of millions in various incentives. 

Think basically taking municipal land away from long-suffering local taxpayers as well as using public assets to benefit certain rich developers.

Trust me – it will all work out in the long run
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Then again, it’s not like Mayor Koch is using his own money.

In turn, such is at the heart of the many as well as ever-growing problems facing local taxpayers.

For example, their ever-increasingly hard-pressed bank accounts.
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