A vertical trailer park?
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– News about Quincy from Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Quincy Center sees the first time ever use of prefab modular construction for housing.

While a construction approach more often used for low cost and typically single story housing, Quincy Center is seeing the first time ever local use of prefabricated modules the size of eighteen wheeler truck-sized trailers to construct a 171 unit seven story apartment building.

Lego Duplo
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Think Lego blocks on steroids.

That or a vertical trailer park.

Quincy Quarry reached out to a reputable as well as contentious construction executive for comment about this application of prefabricated modules within the context of the already problematic and so-called “podium and stick” construction approach.

While admittedly amenable to shortening to considerably shortening construction time, this experienced construction project manager viewed prefabbed modules as “… very low quality construction.” 

Additionally noted was that “… (it)’ll echo like an empty canyon.”

A couple of double-wides in the queue and so waiting to be hoisted into place
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive photo

Unclear at this time, however, is can the building’s owners swap out defective or damaged units as easily as – for a couple of examples – changing out a flat tire on or a dead battery in an automobile.


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