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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Quincy Quarry News recovers …

After Q-ing up last week on queuing up new Weekly Fish Wrap text before Quincy Quarry’s automated email bot instead recycled the previous week’s old text on Thanksgiving Day, Quarry staff have finally – however but barely – recovered from tryptophan overload followed by binging on football, beer and buffalo chicken wings.

“Rommel: I read your book”
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In any event, while much of the news of interest to Quarry personnel has been a set of lightning strikes unleashed this week by special counsel Robert Mueller’s and which even surely both Guderian and Patton would find impressive, Quincy Quarry appears to have scored yet another success by exposing a long ongoing hole in a sidewalk that has long undermined pedestrian safety at one of the busier intersections in Quincy.

Finally fixed – sorta/kinda …
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Specifically, an inexplicably long unfilled hole in a sidewalk was finally filled, albeit quickly and cheaply with asphalt in what is otherwise a concrete sidewalk.

But Quincy Quarry’s ever-growing legions of loyal readers need not worry:this problematic sidewalk appears to still be variously not compliant with the American with Americans Disability Act. 

No access, no justice
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Moreover, the Quarry is continuing to assist Citizen Activists to see all manner of long-ongoing failures to address all manner of federally-ordered fixes are finally fixed, along with all manner of more recent shortcomings.

For example, how during the often inept reign of Koch Maladministration that the local Commission on Disabilities has been all but moribund or at least has not meet in a very, very, very long time.

Needless to say, count on Quincy Quarry to exposé those who deserve it.

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