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Quincy Adams MBTA pedestrian gate opening work needed still not completed by the City of Quincy.

While out and about on the every increasingly mean and now also cold and wet streets of the Q, Quincy Quarry News personnel returned to the site of the pending reopening of ready pedestrian access to the Quincy Adams MBTA station by Penn’s Hill residents.


A one fingered salute to the City of Quincy?
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The gate was originally set to open on the first of November and the MBTA apparently took care of the needed efforts on its end of things to be able reopen the gate on the originally scheduled opening date. 

Conversely, the Koch Maladministration yet again dropped the Q as it failed to accomplish the timely implementation of necessary parking regulations, including the issuing of first time ever resident 24/7/365 parking stickers, as well as has yet to complete needed pedestrian safety infrastructure.

Some progress made but necessary work still not completed before and more recent photos
Conjoined Quincy Quarry News exclusive before and current photos

The head of the City of Quincy’s Traffic, Parking, Alarm and Light Department had promised the City Council that the needed City of Quincy pedestrian safety infrastructure would be completed by the first of November no matter when the pedestrian access gate might actually finally be (re)opened for public use.

A City On The Move …
An iconic Quincy Quarry News photo

Instead, he continued the Koch Maldministration’s long-ongoing record of failing to complete local projects on time and/or on – much less under – budget.

Accordingly, the first of December is now the working goal to (re)open the pedestrian access gate; however, it is only fair to point out that roadkill only gets flatter.

As such, count on Quincy Quarry to continue to monitor the situation and report back as might be warranted.


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