Goats grazing on a suburban lawn
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A herd of rental goats invaded a Boise neighborhood and really baaaaaaad goat puns then ensued.

Dozens of goats ran wild in Boise on Friday after walking off the job.

At present, it is unclear if this was a labor dispute work stoppage or merely a matter of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence.

The goats were munching away and so clearing undergrowth at a retention pond when they broke through a fence and escaped, briefly overtaking a Boise Idaho neighborhood yesterday.

The goats’ owners arrived with a trailer to round up their goats and get them back to work.

We Rent Goats co-owner Kim Gabica told the Idaho Statesman goats are “great escape artists” and tend to “follow each other.”

“The owners of the goats were not cited and the neighbors seemed to appreciate the humor of having a large herd of goats in their yard,” said Kristine Schellhaas, a spokeswoman for the Idaho Humane Society.

Source: Herd of rental goats invade Boise neighborhood, really baaaaaaad goat puns ensue

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