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Poll finds most voters approve of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.


With the 2018 election just over four months away, a majority of Massachusetts voters say they approve of the work their two U.S. senators are doing on Capitol Hill, according to a new poll.


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A Morning Consult survey released on Wednesday found that Democratic United State Senators Elizabeth Warren – who is up or reelection this year – and Ed Markey remain popular with most of their constituents.


Fifty-three percent of voters, said they have favorable views of Warren, an oft-rumored 2020 presidential contender who is up for re-election this fall. 


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Conversely, thirty-six percent of voters said they disapprove of her and thus yielding a net positive spread of seventeen.


The poll also found that fifty-one percent of Massachusetts voters approved of Markey’s job performance whereas twenty-three percent expressed disapproval, thus resulting in a net positive spread of twenty-eight.


“Like I care about public opinion …”
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Conversely, this Morning Consult poll found Republican and United Stated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, to be the least popular senator care of an approval rating of only 30 percent of his constituents. 


Not that Senator McConnell gives a rodent’s posterior.


Morning Consult also noted that McConnell has been consistently ranked as the least popular member of the Senate, “… finishing last in every edition of its United States Senate approval rankings since its inception in late 2015.” 


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At the same time, Morning Consult’s polling also found that Republican Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker continues to be the nation’s most popular governor. 


Its latest poll found that Governor Baker has an approval rate of sixty-nine percent versus but seventeen percent of Massachusetts voters disapproving of the job that he is doing.


In turn, such works out to a net positive spread three times greater than Warren’s and almost twice as much as Markey’s in spite of the fact he is a Republican holding a statewide office in the bluest state in the country.

Source: Poll: Most voters approve of Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey’s work in Congress


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