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The Massachusetts Legislature sends a $41.88 billion Fiscal Year 2019 state budget to Governor Charlie Baker.


Less than seven hours after it was released from committee on Wednesday, Massachusetts lawmakers sent a final version of their proposed budget to Governor Baker’s desk.


While the budget submitted to Governor Charlie Baker for his review and possible trimming would increase spending by 4.2 percent over what was initially budgeted, the legislature’s proposed budget is only 1.9 percent over what was actually spent in fiscal 2018.


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As a point of comparison, Quincy Mayor Tom Koch’s Fiscal Year 2019 spending increase is 3.7 percent percent from the prior year and thus twice as much as what looks to be the final increase of the state budget.


Additionally, the state budget will include a payment to the state’s rainy day fund reserve greater on a percent basis than what was budgeted by Quincy to be added to its reserve fund in Fiscal Year 2019.


Further, the state’s reserve fund balance is also greater than Quincy’s on a percentage of annual budget spending basis.

Source: Massachusetts Legislature sends $41.88 billion FY19 state budget to Gov. Charlie Baker

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