Hunkering down against long overdue reforms?
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Governor Charlie Baker’s plan to cut State Police OT spending faces major hurdles.


Internal documents and past efforts show officials’ pledges to drastically cut State Police overtime are unlikely, if not impossible.


Also hunkered down for the duration
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Two key impediments are the state legislature’s disinterest in funding his $5.2 million request to train new recruits and various parties’ disinterest in allowing the Boston Police Department to more actively patrol the booming Seaport District which is currently policed by the state police.


F Troop under fire
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Even so, in the three weeks following the transfer of additional troopers to Troop F, overtime was reduced by twenty-seven percent. 


Unfortunately, the goal was forty percent.


Further problematic, “… two-thirds of the officers in Troop F are eligible for retirement.” 


In turn, if many of these troopers do retire, coverage of Logan Airport and the Seaport District by F Troop will wind up where it was before: woefully understaffed and hemorrhaging money paying overtime.

Source: Baker’s plan to cut State Police OT spending faces major hurdles – The Boston Globe

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