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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Hot Town, Summer in the City of Quincy …

While Quincy has suffered an extended baking recently, tempers have not flared all that much locally.

Apparently, common courtesy – or more likely heat exhaustion – kept things surprisingly safe and sane in the Q for the most part over the Fourth of July holiday.

Fire Marshall Bill in the ER yet again
An In Living Color/Fox TV image

As such, the touts on the Quincy Quarry News Sports Desk took a beating betting on the over of six fingers or more fried locally by fireworks on the Fourth as well as forgot to cover this bet by laying off an offsetting wager on local grilling mishaps. 

There was, however, some non-financial compensation to be had care of yet another hard-hitting below the belt Quincy Quarry Citizen Photojournalist exposé.

DCR planting a tree at a Quincy residence
A QQ Citizen Photojournalist photo

Hitting the fan this time was a photo documenting of Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation personnel actually planting a tree, albeit in the yard of a local private residence.

Also hitting the fan this past week was how the City of Methuen just may outdo the City of Quincy when it comes to both having senior local public officials with both numerous conflicts of interest given multiple family members dining at the local public trough as city employees as well as seeing certain of these family members enjoy massive raises while concurrently gutting the local school system so as to cover the raises.

Special interests, family, friends – whatever
A ThePeoplesVoice.org graphic image

While many would surely hope that perhaps Quincy’s City Hall might actually be finally reining its worst excesses – or at least that perhaps things are worse elsewhere, the ever increasing legions of loyal Quincy Quarry readers know that we are more likely but experiencing a lull before we are hit with a regression back to the mean.

After all, we are talking about the Q.

And when things do resume hitting the fan, count on Quincy Quarry to report on what has been splattered.

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