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Axios reported on Sunday about a stunning piece of legislation that has been drafted up by the White House — but it’s the acronym of the proposed bill that has caught the attention of Twitter.


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It is called “United States Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act,” but many are simply as well as already calling it the “FART Act,” including former members of the White House and journalists.


The proposed legislation that would empower the president to ignore international trade rules set by the World Trade Organization as well as would essentially allow President Donald Trump to unilaterally raise tariffs without the approval of Congress.



Anthony Scaramucci, who served as Trump’s director of communications for 10 days, said that the bill “stinks” as it would ask US consumers to pay for tariffs.


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White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters told Axios that the bill was not “actual legislation that the administration was preparing to rollout.”


Ms. Walters added:  “Principals have not even met to review any text of legislation on reciprocal trade.” 


Then again, this stinker of a story could dissipate as quickly as it arrived. 

Source: People have started calling Trump’s draft bill to abandon world trade rules the ‘FART Act’

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