Double parking, double dipping – whatever
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Massachusetts State Police overtime scandal: Troopers under investigation exposéd.


A Springfield Massachusetts-based online news service has e-published what appears to the most comprehensive roster to date of the Massachusetts State Police troopers who appear to have grifted overtime pay as well as relevant pay data. 


Twenty-eight troopers were so exposed out of a working estimate of roughly forty troopers variously assumed to be under review.


Making little ones out of big ones
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The noted techniques used to endeavor to game things included many used by Quincy’s now convicted felon and former Quincy police lieutenant double dipper who is currently residing at a Club Fed facility in Pennsylvania.


In turn, per the eagle-eyed review of the US Attorney for Massachusetts’ social media announcement of the first three troopers to be charged, Quincy Quarry noticed that one of attorneys who successfully prosecuted Quincy’s double and sometimes even triple dipper was among those on the dais during this social media photo op.



Quincy Quarry is thus confident the the feds will again be successful in following the money all the way to successful convictions and/or at least plea deals struck.


Following the money
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Source: Mass. State Police overtime scandal: These are the troopers known to be involved

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