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Quincy’s trash hauler sues City of Quincy and its pending replacement trash hauler.


As was all but as predictable as the time of tomorrow’s sunrise, Sunrise Scavenger, which now provides trash and recycling pickups, is suing both the City of Quincy city and the company designated to takeover the bulk of residential trash hauling in Quincy next month.


Quincy’s Czar of Waste
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Granted, Sunrise’s performance during the five years that it has provide residential trash hauling for most local residents has not exactly been aces, but Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch did not send notice to Sunrise that he was terminating the City of Quincy’s ten year contract with Sunrise over its purported to be long-ongoing performance shortcomings.



Rather, Mayor Koch justified termination over Sunrise taking on a purported junior investment partner.


Quincy Trash Czar’s Tubby the Robot
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Further problematic, in spite of Mayor Koch’s naming a loyal friend and follower as the city’s trash czar, the czar apparently failed to formally – much less fully – document any performance shortcomings by Sunrise and thus any such informal trash talking about Sunrise performance at this point will likely not carry much weight with the judge.


As such as well as given the Koch Maladministration’s typically woeful past performances in court, Quincy Quarry does not foresee much of a chance of a change in the bad luck suffered by local taxpayers whenever the Koch Maladministration typically goes down to defeat in court and locals so end up stuck with the legal costs via their property tax bills. 


Trash is already overflowing in the Q
A QQ Citizen Photojournalist file photo

As a result, this latest load of local legal trash talking is not only looking to increase local trash collection costs by close to a million a year, a court damages award in favor of Sunrise Scavengers could entail treble damages and so run well into millions – if not many millions – more in court costs imposed upon already long-suffering local property tax payers.


Source: Trash hauler sues city, replacement

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