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Rockland Vice Chair withdraws motion to block release of security video.


In a late breaking move late in the weekday news cycle, Rockland’s now on leave of absence Vice Chair of its Board of Selectmen and Quincy native withdrew her plaintiff’s motion to suppress the release of Rockland Town Hall security video that is widely assumed to feature her and someone else in late night activities inside of Town Hall after a rumored late night of drinking on a school night.


Truth or dare perjury?
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Rockland’s Town Counsel said in a relatively contemporaneous statement that information contained in the motion to suppress was “misleading” and “false.”


The Town Council added that an independent investigation into the matter by an outside expert in such affairs continues and thus the Rockland Board of Selectmen will have no comment on the purported events until the investigation is completed. 


Is that chad hanging – or not?
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“The board has sought, from the onset of this issue, to conduct a thorough and objective investigation, and to protect the rights and privacy of everyone involved to the degree that was possible.”


“Unfortunately there has been a steady stream of information improperly disseminated during the investigation, much of which is false.  The release of false/misleading information has only served to hamper our efforts to get this investigation done.” 


How soon the investigation will be completed and if the security camera video might be released in the wake of multiple Freedom of Information Act requests remain to be seen.


The eye on the wall
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In the meanwhile, the Rockland Town Council dismissed claims that the security video footage may have portions that were altered or otherwise tampered with, saying that any gaps in the video may have been the result of the video system’s motion detection activation sensitivity.


Source: Rockland: Selectman Withdraws Motion to Block Release of Video Footage

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