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Quincy Center motor vehicle accident damaged tree replaced.

Some complain that Quincy Quarry rarely reports on good news. 

So what if the pickings are slim as well as that the Quarry only reports on the events of the day as opposed to commit them.

And a few others complain that Quincy Quarry is hard on Quincy’s City Hall even if the Quarry actually does not have anywhere near enough resources to duly cover what all is all too often going wrong care of City Hall.

Another chainsaw victim
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive image.

This time, however, Quincy Quarry is pleased to report on the recent as well as reasonably quick replacement of a tree that was violently knocked sideways by apparently an errant motor vehicle and about which the Quarry duly reported previously.

A second tree was inexplicably chainsawed during the replacement of damaged tree, however.

Fortunately, Quincy Quarry is pleased to further report that the second tree was also subsequently replaced.

How long both new trees will last on the now increasingly dangerous sidewalks of Quincy remains to be seen.

Regardless, count on Quincy Quarry to monitor this and other troubling situations.

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