A hacked-up junior college?
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– News from elsewhere about Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.


Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch won’t appeal the state’s decision to shut down Quincy College nursing programs


The Boston broadsheet reports that interim Quincy College “principal executive” and ongoing City of Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch said he wants to work with the state nursing board and determine the root of the problem.


Yet another close shave pending
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Small problem, however: almost seven years ago the South Shore broadsheet reported how the state had “grave concerns” about changes and moves made in the Quincy College nursing program, including hacking up the program with a Koch family member in a key staff position in spite of her lack of the usual experiential and education expectations for the job.


Regardless, the readers’ comments posted to the Boston broadsheet were both damning as well as valid.


Following the hospital into oblivion?
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In particular, one sage observer noted that a formal appeal of the state’s decision to strip accreditation of Quincy College’s nursing programs would surely only (further, ed.) exposé the roles Mayor Koch as well as family, friends and connected hacks working at the college have played in fueling the once well-regarded nursing programs’ demise. 


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Source: Quincy College won’t appeal state’s decision to shut down nursing programs


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