Presidents Trump and Moon in November
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President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize says South Korean President Moon.


Needless to say, South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s comment will surely prove to be especially annoying to former United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.


President Moon Jae-in’s remark followed his historic summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un this past Friday.


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Granted, securing an actual peace treaty, much less actual denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, is still far from happening; however, if former United States President Barack Obama can be awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for his but reaching out in the hope of seeing peace happen, President Trump surely deserves similar consideration for actually moving forward on a specific peace initiative.


Even so, at least one sage observer on the national scene does not expect Trump to be feted even he does accomplish securing peace in this long troubled part of the world.

Source: Trump Should Win The Nobel Peace Prize, South Korea’s Moon Says

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