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Breaking Badly Bad News© breaking at Quincy Police Department Headquarters.

In a still breaking badly news event, a Quincy Police Department cruiser burst into flames on the top deck of the parking structure at police headquarters late this morning.

While details are currently scarce, Quincy Quarry’s unimpeachable reputable source has advised the Quarry that other cruisers parked nearby were likely at least singed by the fire.

Additionally, ammunition in the burning cruiser may have been exploding care of the heat of the fire.

Given obvious concerns about exploding ammunition, one can only assume that police did what they could to clear the surrounding area.

Police blockade
A citizen motorist photojournalist photo

QQ newscopter risking exploding ammunition
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

Additionally, a fleet of local newscopters were loitering high overhead and videoing the inferno via their high zoom and thus long range camera equipment.

Expect Quincy Quarry to continue to follow this breaking badly bad news story and provide follow-up news coverage if and as such might be appropriate.

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