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Civil Service Commission blasts Quincy Fire Department’s “seriously flawed” hiring process.


As should come as no great surprise to anyone who has been paying attention during the era of the Koch Maladministration, the City of Quincy has yet again been spanked by the State of Massachusetts Civil Service Commission.


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Returning from behind the wood shed yet again?
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Prior spankings include multiple previous complaints that enjoyed some success as well as exposed what was done to name the Chief of the Quincy Fire Department for personal reasons rather than professional ones.


Other Civil Service Commission spankings were over problematic hiring practices that included rank favoritism in favor of the hiring of relatives of connected parties and then even more by the Quincy Police Department.


Civil Service has also previously imposed multiple spankings of now former City of Quincy Department of Public Works Commissar Dan “Spanky” Raymondi, including his improperly suspending a DPW employee for exercising his right to vote.


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Most every little boy’s dream ride
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In this latest instance, key problems with the City of Quincy’s hiring process included arguable violations of various constitutional rights as well as various other inappropriate actions.


Unclear at this time, however, is when will the state’s Civil Service Commission finally make good on its threat to review the City of Quincy’s personnel records and so look for other violations.

Source: Commission blasts Quincy Fire Department’s ‘seriously flawed’ hiring process

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