Parts of remaining Long Island bridge
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– News about Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.


Quincy official working to oppose a new Long Island bridge.


Quincy’s Mayor Thomas P. Koch, its city council and various other Quincy elected officials are taking steps to oppose the City of Boston’s plans to reconstruct the partially demolished Long Island bridge and so reestablish ready vehicular access to its facilities on Long Island.


Mayor annoyed
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Odds of Quincy officials’ opposition actually succeeding, however, appear about as slim as how the various local officials who are opposing the City of Boson’s plans are conversely not slim.


If one reviews certain as well as thoughtful comments posted to coverage originally published in the South Shore broadsheet and which Quincy Quarry views as sound commentary – even if it is more than a bit lengthy, things to do not bode well for Quincy city officials’ plans to oppose the City of Boston’s plans.


Special interests not spending their own money
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In the meanwhile, Quincy Quarry thus wishes to warn local taxpayers to expect that the Koch Administration will yet again run up at least sizable legal bills in yet another likely to be losing attempt to deny the property rights of yet another local property owner while pandering to local special interests. 


To date, on just use permit disputes alone, Quincy taxpayers have been stuck with over a million dollars worth of legal costs and court-ordered damages awards courtesy of the ill-advised actions of the Koch Maladministration.


Further, given the officially assessed value of $103 million for the City of Boston’s Long Island assets, the mind in turn boggles as the amount that could be awarded to it if the City of Quincy’s efforts to block Boston’s plans are also hit with a damages award.


Needless to say, expect Quincy Quarry to closely monitor this dispute and then report back when and as appropriate.

Source: Quincy works to oppose a new Long Island bridge

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