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Epic Yoga Fail Redo.

A Colorado woman attempting to show off her yoga skills earlier this year on a fallen tree stretched across fast-moving river ended up floating downstream.

She was undaunted, however, and returned to somewhere said to near her epic fail for a do-over of her rendition of Chakrasana on a log.

Even so, one should first check out the video of her fail before checking out her redo.

Yoga fail do-over
Image via @Chisamariee

In turn, here is a still image of her successful, albeit less dangerous, do-0ver.

Needless to say, yoga is probably best done in a proper workout space and using a proper yoga mat.

Or not at all, at least not by anyone on the Quincy Quarry staff.

Read Full Story: Woman attempts yoga pose on a log over a river and it does not go well

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