Important fumble caused by this tackle
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– Quincy Sports News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.


Quincy High loses chance to beat North Quincy via a botched play.


On a fourth down and goal to go in the final seconds of the game with the ball on North Quincy’s seven yard line, a Quincy High player errantly spiked the ball so as to stop the clock and so also inadvertently turned the ball over on downs.


It would also appear that Quincy High does not have a reliable place kicker as it failed to convert after scoring its only touchdown as the final score was 7 to 6. 


In turn, all things considered, only one game ending play was more improbable than the one misplayed yesterday at Quincy’s Veterans Stadium.



Turkey Team Trophy
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Regardless, both teams came away with improved records over last those of last year. 


In fact, much improved records, relatively speaking.


North Quincy finished this season with a record of 4 and 7, so finishing with twice as many wins as it did last year.


In turn, the Quincy High Presidents finished 2 and 9 after finishing win- less last year and so ending up with the 2016 Quincy Quarry Turkey Trophy as the worst high school football team south of Boston.


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