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This Thanksgiving you can stuff your face without unbuttoning your pants!


As Thanksgiving dinner is no place for jeans, this year the makers of Stove Top™ stuffing are offering stuffing pants to help make things comfortable for Thanksgiving diners.


As next to nothing in marketing is an original idea, is it only fair to note that Stove Top’s Thanksgiving dinner stuffing pants are basically but a repurposing of maternity pants.


Similarly, Stop Top’s stuffing pants are also a direct lift from a scene featuring television character Joey Tribbiani. 



XL & hemming available!
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In a holiday show episode of Friends, Joey arrived at a Thanksgiving dinner wearing his rendering of ideal Thanksgiving dinner dining pants.


In any event, Thanksgiving dinner dining enthusiasts can order their own pair of knock-off Thanksgiving dinner stuffing pants online here for only $19.98, shipping and handling included.


Also, holiday season shoppers should consider Stove Top© stuffing dining pants as the perfect holiday season stocking stuffer gifts for those who are both hard to size as well as dining enthusiasts.


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