Let’s make a deal!
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Dear Mr. Bezos,


Have I got a deal for you: turn Washington DC into Amazon’s HQ2.


After all, as smart lobbyists all know, DC can be had for cheap – wicked cheap. 


From Quincy Quarry’s media brethren at The Washington Post comes perhaps the best snarky proposal for finding a home for Amazon’s proposed HQ2.


Future HQ of HQ2?
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Granted, Mr. Bezos is the current owner of The Washington Post; however, such does the preclude the possibility that the author of this brilliant proposal could well soon find himself looking for a new job.


The basic proposal is not to set up shop somewhere in the 75 percent of the District of Columbia owned by the public. 


Looking to land somewhere – anywhere
A Walmart drone photo

Rather, it is to provide whatever Amazon needs from the 25 percent of Washington DC that is controlled by the federal government – 9,683 acres, to be exact.


After all, given that under the Trump administration that the federal government in Washington has ceased to function, it would thus surely be a much more productive use of the feds’ real estate if it were turned over to Amazon.

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