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Reasons Boston should take a pass on Amazon – just ask Diapers.com.


As many a community and developer across not only the United States but also even some in Canada are putting finishing touches on their often incentives-laden bids to entice Amazon to let them provide a home for its proposed HQ2, one of Quincy Quarry’s Greater Boston area media brethren has published a cogent opinion piece on why Boston – if not every community – should take a pass on giving away the store to the gigantic online store.


While more of a moonbat-leaning publication better known for covering the local entertainment and affordable food scene for primarily college students as well as those recently graduated, DigBoston has mostly got it right in its critique of the HQ2 bidding fever.


Follow the money
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That and one can only assume that the fever is bad when for most part fiscally conservative Quincy Quarry generally agrees with an all but invariably über liberal weekly free as well as made with cheap newsprint publication.


DigBoston has also published a cogent score card on expected Massachusetts-based bids as well as provides quick recaps of key elected officials’ mostly gung ho sentiments about bidding for HQ2 as for the most part they concurrently ape lemmings’ diving into the sea.


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