The man actually had a plan?
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In wake of Anthony Scaramucci’s record-setting firing even by Trump Administration standards, digging around the scene of this latest administration train wreck will uncover that Scaramucci actually had presented a solid action plan to turn the long and often foundering White House press office.


How much of the plan was actually of his developing and how much it was someone else’s doing remains to be seen, but the plan does bait some interesting questions.


Good or Dr. Evil?
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Does “The Mooch” actually have game or was he just talking a good game?


Was he perhaps instead dismissed for actually having both a plan as well as a good one on a team not exactly known for having either?


Not amused no matter what
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Or was his downfall primarily the result of his most ill-advised and widely reported middle of the night potty mouth call to a member of the media? 


As such, possibly discerning answers will likely be at least intimated in the coming weeks given a close monitoring of the White House’s communications operations going forward.


Accordingly, count on Quincy Quarry to continue to follow this story, especially as its newsroom denizens suspect that even more shoes are going to drop.

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