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– News from elsewhere with possible implications for Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added. 


FBI Probe Results in Corruption Indictments of mayors.


Mayor Pawlowski going to his arraignment
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An ongoing since 2015 investigation has resulted in federal criminal indictments against current Allentown Pennsylvania Edwin Pawlowski and former Reading Pennsylvania Mayor Vaughn Spencer.


The indictments allege Pawlowski and Spencer of shaking down businesses and individuals for campaign contributions via alleged pay-to-play schemes.


Mayor Edwin Pawlowski was arraigned today in Philadelphia Federal Court and former Mayor Vaughn Spencer is currently slated for arraignment next Tuesday.


Following the money
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Various reports indicated that these indictments of two local Democrats with apparent corrupt national Democratic Party connections are based on covert recordings, political bribes, raided offices as well as rolling up the food chain of perpetrators.


As a result, a long ongoing FBI probe is now in the process of dismantling an entire political administration after uncovering the alleged corruption.


How bad is the underlying alleged corruption?


On top of the only to be expected Fox Media coverage of alleged Democratic evil-doers, even well-known to be left-leaning NPR, the New York Times and the Washington Post have provided ongoing, considerable and damning coverage of the alleged corruption.


“Deep Throat on line two!”
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Whether or not these indictments bode for rough seas ahead for A City Under the Influence remains to be seen.


Pay for play is not necessarily illegal in MA
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In the meanwhile, however, Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch might have some gnawing concerns keeping him up at night.


Reasons for possible concern include Mayor Koch’s status as the most named recipient of straw campaign contributions in the Commonwealth per Office of Campaign and Political Finance sanction agreements in recent years and which often involved parties doing business and/or planning to do business with the City of Quincy.


Follow the money. ALWAYS follow the money
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Mayor Koch is also one of the larger local Massachusetts elected officials who were recipients of campaign donations from parties involved in a still-ongoing investigation of millions of dollars in suspect donations.


These suspect millions in donations were all but exclusively given to Democratic elected officials, Democratic party candidates and various Democratic party groups and made by parties tied to the Boston-based Thornton Law Firm.


That and how Mayor Thomas P. Koch might further be concerned about two problematic felony fraud convictions imposed recently in Boston’s US District Federal Courthouse.


Going once, going twice – gone for four years
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One federal felony conviction involved one of Mayor Koch’s since childhood best friends as well as also his one-time and apparently only private sector employer.


The other federal felony fraud conviction involved a Quincy police lieutenant with now likely former close personal ties to one of Mayor Koch’s brother-in-law who – in turn – surely but coincidentally is the City of Quincy Chief of Police.


No more details for The Double Dipper
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In turn, these convictions cannot help but further spark imaginations, especially given that Mayor Thomas P. Koch has gone to bat in the defense of both of these two convicted felons even if one of his defenses has surely but coincidentally disappeared from its server.


Needless to say, as news may break badly for Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch or most any other elected official(s), expect Quincy Quarry to cover the story as only it has the stones to do.


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