A long overdue addition to Quincy Square
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Quincy City Hall finally addresses a long ongoing need in Quincy Square?

Granted, it is currently unclear if Quincy’s City Hall has – in fact – finally addressed the dire need for public facilities in the Quincy Square area.

Plus, the apparent possible solution offered up is but a temporary one.

Even so, any opportunity for relief is much appreciated –  especially by those who do their recreational apothecary shopping in Quincy Square as well as thus suffer often from OIC (also known as Opiate Induced Constipation).

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After all, opiates not only pose the risk of overdosing, they also can give rise to constipation.


A City on the Move?
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Similarly, just your basic older male would appreciate ready access to a bathroom facilities given a common inconvenience or worse that is suffered by essentially all males as they age.

Quincy Quarry considered reaching out to Koch Maladministration spokesmodel Pinocchio Walkbacker for comment about providing this possible long overdue public facilities need, but then figured why bother saving him from undertaking the time and energy to put out a press release.

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