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Quincy Police Department Detail Double Dipper Trial: The Dipper Strikes Back.

Day Five in the alleged double and sometimes triple dipping Quincy Police lieutenant trial featured the first time that the Dipper’s defense team made a truly spirited counterattack.

After all, the clock is winding down and thus it is time for the defense to endeavor to make a comeback in the wake of the prosecution running up the score.

Unfortunately, it was after the testimony and then cross examination of the officer in charge of assigning details finished testimony with his head still on top of his shoulders.

As reported previously in the Quarry, the systems and procedures for assigning details, monitoring the actual working of details and payments made for same were – at best – less than robust as well as that trust in officers was about it as regards assuring proper compliance with the rules and regulations.

Conferring in the courtroom
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Things did, however, heat up during the subsequent testimony of a patrol officer who works under the command of the alleged Double Dipper.

After this officer offered testimony on his view of applicable work rules and how he so operated vis-a-vis these rules, defense counsel presented during cross examination several incidents when detail pay and regular duty pay indicated an improper overlap.

This witness responded that he did not know what happened as it was his practice to take vacation or comp time whenever details would run late and into his regular duty shift.  

Motorcycles can move quickly through traffic …
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As such, the witness suggested that perhaps the appearance of possible double dips by him was that some last minute requests by him to take time off from regular duty to finish up the detail were not duly entered into the system at police headquarters. 

Given prior testimony about operational shortcomings at the Quincy Police Department, such an explanation is plausible. 

Additionally, the number of apparent double dips by this officer was comparatively modest in number as well as that none consisted of triple dips or pay received care of claims for working more than twenty four hours in a single day.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the …
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As such, it was unclear how much such may have impacted the jury’s opinion given the far more problematic nature of the alleged Double Dipper’s alleged pattern of double dips, occasional triple dips and as much as thirty-one hours of paid workdays.

After all, while clearly at least embarrassing for this particular officer, at least senior command officers and perhaps the prosecutions, the problem with this defense ploy is that it is ultimately a defense akin to the childish defense that surely it was OK for me to have done what I did (wrong, ed.) because everyone else was doing it.

QPD Chief Paul "The Beav" Keenan - a City of Quincy photo

QPD Chief “The Beav”
An official City of Quincy mugshot

Latter up in the hot seat of the witness stand in during Wednesday’s court proceedings was the Chief of Police. 

Along with offering up the usual opening background information and then various statements on department policies and practices, the Chief testified that he often socialized with the Dipper.

Examples of socializing then noted included attending social events at the Dipper’s residence such as barbecues, Fantasy Football drafts, Super Bowl parties and even pool parties. 

Curiously, no mention was made as to who attended the pool parties or other manner of long rumored but unmentioned in court (so far, ed.) parties at the alleged Double Dipper’s residence.

That and so far no long-rumored home videos have been screened.

The Chief did not, however, finish up his testimony, especially as regards cross examination by the defense.  As such, he will be back on Thursday for further time in the hot seat.

A Quincy sports event
Image care of the Quincy Public Schools Department

Given the sporting nature of the Chief and the alleged Double Dipper’s relationship, the Quarry will score the performance by the defense team at Wednesday’s proceedings as perhaps a couple of tipped passes as opposed to a pick six.

Regardless of how Quincy Quarry may have scored the testimony of the Chief so far, what happens on Thursday needs to include even more pressure by the defense when it is its turn to cross-examines the Chief as well as the others who are scheduled to testify as this trial grinds towards its conclusion.

Conversely, it should be noted that the prosecution is the one who has subpoenaed the final witnesses scheduled to appear and as it has all of those who have appeared. 

Court Subpoena
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That and the one of those pending to appear is rumored to have the potential to offer explosive testimony at either this trial or any that may follow this one.

Needless to say, the Quincy Quarry News personnel attending the trial will be wearing their Kevlar as well as putting in for hazardous duty pay given understandable concerns of possibly suffering collateral damage from what is shaping up to have the potential for explosive testimony as this trial grinds its way to its conclusion.


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