Coming up short for a change
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Believe it or not, there are government officials with even lower job approval ratings than President Donald J. Trump.


Granted, it should come as no great surprise that recently fired FBI Director James Comey has a lower job approval rating than President Donald Trump. 


Not a fan
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After all, while trying his best to do his job in the face of all manner of nonsense, he has so alienated supporters of both former Secretary Hillary Clinton as well as those who rabidly support President Donald Trump.


Even so, Mr. Comey’s 40% favorable rating – and which is 5% lower than a recent President Trump favorable rating – is still a favorability number that one rather large as well as at least self-important group in Washington DC would likely at least consider killing to obtain.


That group?  Congress.

Capital Hill hits new highs in unfavorability polls
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Congress has an even lower 18.3% favorable rating per Real Clear Politics’ averaging of the survey data collected by major and well-regarded national polling organizations. 


And yet I was impeached …
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By contrast, and while within the statistical margin of error, public trust in government comes in at but a mere 20% per the findings of the Pew Research Center as well as that this lowly figure is at least tied for all time record lows.


Now,  in no way should Congress’ abysmal numbers be seen as suggesting that Mr. Comey or the President are doing over twice as well as Congress. 


At the same, however, Quincy Quarry suspects that the recently fired FBI director will not only relatively soon view his firing as a good thing, but also that he will be glad that he got outta Dodge ahead of the mob that is all but certain to relatively soon be following him out the door.

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