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– News from elsewhere with possible implications for Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News.


Quincy Congressman Lynch wants White House to hand over Flynn documents.


Democratic Congressman Stephen F. Lynch said he wants the House Oversight Committee to subpoena the White House to produce documents related to retired Army General, fired National Security Advisor and fellow Democrat Michael Flynn.


General Jack D. RIpper
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While Quincy Quarry can appreciate Congressman Lynch’s desire to exposé whatever shady things that may have been done by this Flynn as well as that this apparent FlynnFlynn wannabe appears to be as loose a cannon as was the fictional Genera Jack D. Ripper, one still has to wonder what Congressman Lynch’s wishes might do to engender vindictive blowback by the legendary blowhard in the White House.


For but starters, Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch is desperately hoping for the approval of a Department of Housing and Urban Development application of a sweet financing deal for an ironically proposed luxury apartment building so as to help jump-start his at least still slow-moving plans for “A New Quincy Center.”


Mayor Koch is also surely seeking many tens of millions in federal funding to fund construction of the as yet far from fully funded reconstruction of the Quincy Center MBTA station and its long-condemned parking garage


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That and so too also surely do two long ongoing controversial émigrés from the former Soviet Union who have all manner of financial interests in Quincy Center as well as have plans for working same.

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