Pothole? Those dark spots aren’t potholes …
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Quincy DPW truck single vehicle crash at 2 AM in the morning under investigation.


An early morning single vehicle accident involving a City Quincy Department of Public Works truck is said to be under investigation by city officials Thursday. 


DPW workers doing what they are known for
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Accordingly to Quincy Police, the city employee who was driving the 1-ton City of Quincy dump truck said he drove over a pothole, lost control of the vehicle (on a straight run of roadway, ed.) and then struck a curb at around 2:15 AM in the middle of the night.


City officials are said to be attempting to discern if the driver was utilizing the truck for personal use at the time of the accident. 


Apparently no one in City Hall is familiar with work logs as a quick answer was not forthcoming.


Regardless, the ever-growing legions of Quincy Quarry readers can rest assured that Quincy Quarry is doing everything that it can to help find out just exactly what went down somewhat shortly after closing time.

Read Full Story: 2 a.m. crash of DPW truck being investigated by Quincy officials

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