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Quincy Quarry ponders the fate of one time Quincy real estate mogul Daniel J. Flynn.

As was first broached in Quincy Quarry earlier this week and so scooping all other area media as impending breaking news, Daniel J. Flynn plead guilty on multiple counts of fraud and interrelated charges in Federal District Court in Boston on the Wednesday just past.

At this point, Quincy Quarry now offers comments as well as word of what next to expect as likely to follow.

Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary
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Federal prosecutors are recommending only a seventy month sentence as Dan Flynn is a first-time (convicted, ed.) criminal offender rather than going with the federal guidelines of somewhere in the seventy-five to eighty-five month range. 

That and prosecutors are also willing to not pursue charges tied to the related one hundred and forty more alleged victims above and beyond the ten victims whom Dan Flynn has admitted to “flynn-flamming” via his pleading guilty on various counts tied to these relatively but few individuals.

In turn, given the maximum possible time off for good behavior per current federal guidelines, FlynnFlam’s best case scenario under standard circumstances is serving five years and an unlucky thirteen days more at a Club Fed of the feds’ choosing.

As such, the best case scenario minimum time served by FlynnFlam would thus fall within Quincy Quarry’s long-standing forecast for Danny Boy.

Long standing forecast: 5 to 10 in Danbury
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And so as to follow up with speculations as to what all is going on behind the scenes, Quincy Quarry has reached out to its available expert criminal resources for their views on the plea deal.

Symbol of law and justice in the library, law and justice concept

The scale of justice can weigh heavily upon a felon
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The overwhelming consensus was that the relatively intermediate but still very painful plea deal sentence as opposed to what at least the ten official victims and one hundred and forty more alleged victims likely view as warranted was that the still pending imposition of a seventy month sentence deal was not strictly based on FlynnFlam opting to plead guilty and so saving the feds the time and expense of going trial as well as perhaps the extremely unlikely event of ending up with a less than successful prosecution.

Rather, the obvious tell in this matter is that the feds are holding off on prosecuting charges tied to the one hundred and forty alleged additional victims.


Yellow Rat Mole
Yes, an actual animal

In other words, “deliverables” would appear to be expected – or else.

Just who – or who all – might end up so delivered, however, remains to be seen.

Suspected names on the suspected list include a former state legislator who lives in the same town as where FlynnFlam once resided in a now-foreclosed home.  

So also suspect are at least one local elected official, perhaps a few local appointed officials as well as perhaps some executives at a number of real estate and/or construction companies.

Only the passage of time, however, will tell if and then who all might end up under a bus.

When such becomes known, expect Quincy Quarry to cover the news as only it has the stones to duly report.

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