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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fishwrap: Post Thanksgiving tryptophan torpor strikes again!

Other than grocery shoppers yet again fighting over what little is left of the ravaged white bread supply in supermarkets the morning after Thanksgiving, it has been a relatively quiet week in the Q. 

Even Black Friday shopping was off yet again this year as well as in ways that indicate a soft rather than a White Christmas.


Fighting over white bread?

Also off, there have not been any more Office of Campaign and Political Finance disgorgement orders imposed upon Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s campaign fund – at least not yet.

On the other hand, the Koch Maladministration did pull out all the stops as well as approved all manner of overtime and extra expenses – including on Thanksgiving Day itself – to see that both long under construction Quincy City Hall and the Hancock Street Misalignment project were sufficiently completed so to not rain havoc upon his well-known love of parades.


Working on Thanksgiving Day stringing lights
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

Then again, Quincy Quarry is aware of the potential for problems raining down on a local public works project which was made even worse by recent rain. 

Needless to say, expect yet another hard hitting Quincy Quarry exposé in due course.

In the meanwhile, let’s not forget so soon that Quincy High is arguably the Turkey football team of the year for at least larger high schools South of Boston.

That and expect other bad news to keep breaking badly upon the Q both shortly as well as well into at least the intermediate future.


Raking in tax money
A danieldervartanian.com image

For example, in the next week or so, the expected 2017 local residential property tax increase will be announced shortly by the Koch Maladministration.

The touts on the Quincy Quarry financial affairs desk are projecting yet another residential property tax increase that will be an increase that is close to a multiple of the annual rate of inflation. 

Locals should consider themselves lucky to only be hit with a 4.7% increase for next year as the residential property tax rate tea leaves indicate that a 6.6% – or greater – increase is well within the realm of possible.

After all, the Koch Maladministration loves to spend other people’s money as well as with apparent impunity.

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