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Quincy Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl will decide the South of Boston turkey of a team.

Quincy’s two high school football teams continue to not be covering themselves with glory this football season.

After going a combined 1 and 13 in their regular season games, the Quincy High and North Quincy High varsity football teams have gone on to go 0 and 6 in their respective post regular season consolation game schedules that inversely mirror the statewide high school Super Bowl playoff series.

At the same time – as well as to its credit, Quincy High does deserve favorable mention for its playing New Bedford to a 12 to 12 tie in regulation in a game played on November 4, only to lose in overtime.


Game on!
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Also unfortunate, football standings do not provide a point for a tie in regulation as does the National Hockey League.

Regardless, expect Quincy Quarry to cover this year’s Quincy Turkey Bowl to see which get stuffed and which one just barely finishes above the arguably worst larger high school high school football team south of Boston.

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