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Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch enmeshed in another straw campaign contribution scandal?

After having already been ordered by the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance to “disgourge” from his campaign fund almost ten thousand dollars given a number of illegal straw contributor campaign donations to his campaign fund, it would appear that Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch now appears to also intertwined within the recent explosive suspect campaign finance scandal that has rocked all but invariably Democratic incumbent politicians and candidates in mostly major races across the country.

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Funny money?
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In yet another exclusive Quincy Quarry exposé which digs even deeper in the wake of the explosive joint investigation team findings of the Boston Globe Spotlight Team and the Center for Responsive Politics reported earlier this week, Quincy Quarry’s thorough review of both the joint team’s findings as well as Massachusetts Office and Campaign and Political Finance records has found that Mayor Thomas P. Koch is the third most benefited with campaign donations received by in-state elected officials – with Boston Marty Walsh at number two – from the two senior partners at Boston law firm at the heart of this still metastasizing national political campaign funding scandal.


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While admittedly local and state political office holders have not seen anywhere near as much money as has been showered upon national political campaign funds such as the Clinton campaign and US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA), donations from these two key problematic players in this burgeoning problem for the Democratic Party are still problematic.

Quincy Quarry considered calling Mayor Koch’s office for comment about his enmeshment in this latest brewing campaign contributions scandal, but saw no point in so likely instead ending up left interminably on hold.


Needing cover?
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In the meanwhile, many politicians who were receipts of suspect donations from those tied to the problematic Boston law firm have announced that they will be forgoing these funds.

At same time, however, US Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced she will only be foregoing the money if it is (eventually, ed.) proven that these funds were provided in violation of applicable campaign finance laws.

While the story is still breaking as well as mostly badly so far, Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch has so far remained silent as regards his possible exposure. 

How long he can continue to find cover for his sizeable figure behind the many others enmeshed in this looking likely to continue to metastasize sordid mess remains to be seen.

After all, perhaps at least some of the campaign donations now in question might be perfectly kosher.

Regardless, expect Quincy Quarry to exposé whatever else may come to light care of the underlying Globe Spotlight Team exposé.

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