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– News about Quincy from and commentary by Quincy Quarry News

Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap:  The same old same old continues to limp along while the Feds surely continue to circle around the Q.

In just breaking as well as likely to be bad news for at least one person – if not as many as an even dozen, Quincy Quarry’s media brethren at the South Shore Broadsheet report that the alleged double and sometimes even triple detail dipper has lawyered up his defense team.


The original legal dream team
A Getty image

The assumed to be latest legal dream team was created by the addition of two big name criminal defense attorneys who both have experience defending alleged major organized crime defendants.

In any event, the more the Koch Maladministration in Quincy’s City Hall tries to make things look different, the more obvious it is that nothing has changed – and especially not the subject as far as Quincy Quarry is concerned.


First came Stranger Danger, now it’s Limb Danger
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive file photo

For but a few recent examples from among innumerable, how the City of Quincy took months to take care of a potentially dangerous tree at one of the local public schools as well as arguably in spite given a series of Quincy Quarry exposés exposing the problem.

That and also so risking the wraith of helicopter parents.

Additionally, the old goats in both the Parks and Forestry Department as well as City Hall are apparently incapable of understanding how goat grazing can both quickly and cost-effectively clear out flammable growth while concurrently improving public safety by clearing out the hidden campsites of Camp Heroin campers.


An old goat
An old goat Flickr photo care of Linda Tanner

Quincy Quarry also broke the news that apparently the MBTA is finally knocking down the wicked long closed and condemned Quincy Center MBTA parking garage

That and how the T apparently isn’t exactly wild about one of Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s latest grandiose notions to make Quincy Great Again by building a new Quincy District Courthouse over the Quincy Center MBTA station.

Imagine – if, that is, one possibly can – just how bad an idea is this grandiose notion that even the T can see that it’s a bad idea.

Going one, going twice, going down nine times?A longtime bad Koch habit

Going once, going twice, going down with me?
A longtime bad Koch habit

That and don’t be surprised if other media follow the Quarry’s lead on this latest breaking badly bad news for the Koch Maladministration.

After all, Quincy Quarry isn’t Google’s top-ranked the source for News about Quincy without good as well as ample reasons.

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