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Quincy continues to ignore goat grazing as a green as well as cost-effective greenspace care option.

While even the state has followed the lead of the City of Boston, the Town of Braintree as well as innumerable other municipalities across the country to utilize this well-proven greenspace care Best Practice, the City of Quincy would clearly appear to continue to refuse to consider using goats to clear local greenspaces.

Apparently, the old goats in Koch Maladministration do not appreciate how goats are a cost-effective as well as environmentally-friendly way to clear overgrown undergrowth that is both a potential fire hazard as well as presents all manner of public safety and public health hazards.



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Is the Goat Lobby just a bunch of poor goatherds?
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Either that or perhaps the Koch campaign team believes that goatherds are not likely to be big campaign fund contributors and/or has determined that there is no viable way to successfully arrange for goats to be registered to vote.

After all, surely even the Office of Campaign and Political Finance is probably able to spot Billy Goate and Billy G. Gruff as likely straw contributors.

Such suspected negative sentiments about an actually great greenspace care practice are most unfortunate as the Quincy Quarry’s Arboreal Affairs desk reports that various open spaces around Quincy have become especially fire-prone in the wake of this past summer’s drought.

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Deadwood – what deadwood?
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Even more troubling, however, is the fact that the increase in deadwood both in local open spaces and on the city’s payroll does not bode well in the coming years.

A key problem with the actual deadwood now already rife in the now mostly brown greenspaces of the Q is the fact that it will to linger for at least a year or two as potentially combustible hazardous material.

Even more problematic, however, is how the ever-increasing additional deadwood that has been larded upon the city’s payroll by the Koch Maladministration will surely continue to both increase as well as also likely linger on the payroll even longer and so further increase already increasingly onerous local property taxes imposed on locals for what has already long been a less then compelling return on their tax dollars paid.

As such, expect Quincy Quarry to continue to follow the money and then exposé whatever all it will all but assuredly find.

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